i'm rocket! (this is a pseudonym as giving you my real name lets you control me like the fae) i'm a nineteen year old digital artist with a passion for character creation and storytelling. as of summer 2021, I am working towards my BFA in comic art! i someday hope to make and publish my own comics, but in the meantime i'm an internet funnyman posting my illustrations and stories online.

i'm passionate about a lot of things! art is my biggest passion in life; it's all-encompassing and it's how i experience the world; taking in and making art. i also love team rocket from pokemon! pokemon as a whole has been a lifelong interest and my favorites are eevee, shinx, wobbuffet and meowth. i also like older anime, animal crossing, the backrooms, lolita fashion, and plush collecting. i love spicy food to the point of self-destruction and i love all things CRINGE. i'm super into old web stuff as well as 2000s media and pop culture in general.

i'm fairly shy, but i don't bite. (said holding a comically large hammer behind my back)

I'm a Pixie Frog! I am Totodile! I am Eevee!