i'm currently an art student; a sophomore studying for my BFA in comic art! i'm not fully sure what i want to do as a career yet, but i do know that i want to go into art as a career. my long term goal is to be able to sell my own art and comics as my full-time job.

let's get to what you're actually here for, though. what is my art about? what's my goal? what am i trying to say? i'm perfectly fine admitting that my art is not all that deep. i am a comic artist that draws fun characters. my aim is quite honestly to entertain and make people happy. i love complex and emotional art, but i also think art doesn't necessarily need to be super deep or meaningful to have worth! my art is primarily inspired by online pop culture from the late 90s to the early 2000s, though i also find inspiration in classic anime and horror media. i want to channel that carefree spirit that surrounded media during that time, and specifically with my more macabre works, i want to highlight the beauty in the horrific.

a large amount of my work incorporates queer themes and characters. even if i don't have anything particularly deep to say within my work, it's important to me as a queer artist that i have that in my work. i didn't see queer characters in tv or games i played growing up, and even now there are very few queer characters that i can see myself in. the stories i make reflect my own self in a lot of ways because of that. conversely i want to have a variety of characters so other people can see themselves in fiction as well, in both big ways and small. to be able to connect to a story on a personal level is a wonderful thing and i want that for everyone! i'm also just a huuuuge hopeless romantic... so a lot of my stories have sappy mushy gay love stories. ^_^;

that's my artist's manifesto! if you're interested in looking at more of my art, i have a portfolio page here. i hope you enjoy what i have to offer!