i'm rocket! (this is a pseudonym as giving you my real name lets you magically control me) i'm not so good at writing about myself but i'll try my best. i'm a nineteen year old art student and internet weirdo living in the midwest. i have a number of interests, all of which quite honestly consume my whole life. for one, i'm super passionate about retro pop culture and technology. i love to talk about it, look at it, of course use it, and i especially love to hear about the history of these things. it's one of my goals to make a little retro room and art studio for playing my old consoles and watching things on vhs. i truly believe old computers and consoles are irreplacable!

you've probably gathered from looking at this site that i REALLY love pokemon. my favorite pokemon are eevee, wobbuffet, meowth, and the shinx line, and my favorite characters are TEAM ROCKET!!! i love team rocket so much, i'm definitely at least in the top 5 most deranged team rocket fans on this entire earth. i collect things related to all of my favorites, mostly plushies, and looove to make art of them, too. ask me about pokemon trivia! i've got a lot of interesting lore facts in this brain of mine.

besides that, i'm into some other things too. i'm a big fan of expressing myself through fun fashion, and i love to listen to music. (though, who doesn't?) i wouldn't consider myself a furry since i'm not super involved in the subculture, but i really like furry stories and art! i enjoy taking fun photos for myself, good snacks, and sleep. i'm into a few tv shows, currently breaking bad, hunter x hunter, cardcaptor sakura, di gi charat, and a lot more.

anyways. i'm pretty shy, but i don't bite, so feel free to say hello on my site profile or on my guestbook. ^_^

I'm a Pixie Frog! I am Totodile! I am Eevee!