webheaven's my little house on the internet, my pet project, and my own exercise in self-expression. for me, it's also a breath of fresh air and a way to break away from the samey-ness and monotony of the modern web. i certainly won't pretend i'm as learned as others in this community on this topic, but i do have a multitude of gripes about what the internet has become. an overwhelmingly corporate landscape where everything is the same, everything's white, gray, and minimalist, and an online culture where everything's as sanitized and as perfect as can be. it's exhausting! even if you have adblock, you're still being sold something every five minutes! sponsored tweets, promoted posts, youtubers having to do sponsor bits just to keep making a living... then there's the fun side, which i argue isn't so fun anymore! there's such a pervasive culture of being clean and perfect, having a 'brand,' picking your aesthetic and sticking to it, making content, (i've grown to hate that word. eugh!) that just being online can feel like a chore and a constate parade of comparing yourself to others.

all of that is a big part of the reason i made webheaven; a sort of escape from the worst parts of the modern web. webheaven is a space that's made exactly how i want it, exactly how i like it, and it can be anything i want! even i have no idea what this site will look like a few months from now. there's no advertisements, no advertisements AGAIN, no constant stream of drama and discourse, and no algorithm. while i still use social media for its good aspects, posting my art and talking to my friends and family, i've tried to make it a habit to get out of mindless scrolling. when i start falling down the time-sucking instagram hole, i shut off my phone and go work on my site. by being able to create and cultivate my own online space, i've felt happier and more motivated for sure! without the pressures of sites like instagram and twitter (can't stand twitter! i've quit it cold turkey!) i'm able to express myself very freely. if you haven't made your own personal site, i strongly recommend trying it out!

i've talked at length about what webheaven avoids, but i haven't actualy touched on what i want webheaven to be, separate from all of that modern internet babble. do you remember old geocities and angelfire sites? those are the main inspiration for webheaven. old sites were all somewhat garish and strange, and as such, genuine, unique, and wonderful. i don't want webheaven to be a carbon copy of these, but i do want it to have that same genuine heart. i want it to be fun to read and explore, and most importantly, i want it to be fun for me to curate and go through! i want to have fun and try new things with each page, and make it a truly fun and unique experience. so... reader, do you think i've succeeded? i think i have. ^_^