on this blog, i only really want to write about stuff i can make good long posts about, just because of personal tastes/wanting to fill up the little entry page on the blog page. i think finals week counts? that counts as something of substance, probably. i need something of substance to write about so i can show this to my class. (embarassing. but i'm turning it in for a final. so i need things to be cool and complete. give me a good grade please)

finals week is harrrrdddd and especially when i'm completely moving out of my dorm a little over a week from now. i'm packing, making comics, doing creative writing, making this website... it's difficult but im doing my best! i have my friends to keep me sane ^_^ we've all been really busy lately but today we got together and spent some time out on the lawn. now that the snow's melting, the public hammocks are back and we're hogging them. we were out there for a few hours today which is no doubt bad for my workload but great for my well-being. (i would include a picture of my friends but i want to respect their privacy. here is me and sour cream enjoying cafeteria sushi.) we sat around, played video games, talked about all kinds of things going on, bonding... watched a friendly fist fight. speaking of well-being they've been having free hot chocolate stations for finals again. they did it last semester, i thought it was a winter thing but it looks like it's a finals thing. it's SUPER AWESOME because the hot chocolate is Good and i don't have to pay. i love not using money.

anyways i'm going to be happy to be DONE with finals this tuesday (weird ending date), but i don't want to go home. i'm gonna miss all my friends, but it'll be really good to see my family again. summer back home is going to be nice but it's going to be abysmally sweaty. i have to look for a summer job again, which is boring, but at least i can save up more money for next semester. maybe working retail will give me back some of my appreciation for college. it's like jumpscare horror versus psychological horror. anyways no more complaining because i'm excited to finally have the jessie and james figures i ordered though, i'll probably write a blog post about them by themselves. then mondo... mondo plush.... and izzyzzz cringe jacket. i said i didn't like spending money but that was a lie? it was my birthday recently though i think that excuses ALL my irresponsible behavior EVER. okay thank you for reading my very first blog post, it's all over the place but so is my MIND during finals week. thank you goodnight. tomorrow is saturday so at least i can do all my work from the comfort of my dorm. oh no thinking about my dorm is making me think about packing. Ahhhhhh