did you know it's actually really easy to hack your 3ds? the oft memed phrase is actually true, so i gave it a shot the other day. this blog is not a tutorial, 3ds hacks guide already has that in way more depth than i could ever lay out. (if this blog gets you interested, you should go and check it out.) it was, in fact, really easy. it was lengthy, and there were a lot of steps, but it was all very straightforward and easy to follow. it made me feel quite smart lol... even though i was just downloading things other people had already made. (albeit in a roundabout way) after an hour or two of finagling with the ds and fighting with my school wifi, i got it all set up. first thing i did was this:

...which just goes to show that i should not be trusted with technology. (yes, it's a 2ds. i got it when i was a kid. i had horrible luck with hinges at that age, so don't side-eye me too hard.) theme plays the better call saul theme, the extended one. very nifty... i have multiple breaking bad and better call saul themes now, as well as many eevee themes. custom themes are only the surface, though. they're fun, but the two main draws for me personally are hacking the games i already have, and getting games that i don't. right now, my big project is to hack the bejesus out of my new leaf town, until it's super super cool. logs for that don't belong here, though; those will eventually go in my animal crossing shrine. (i hope i can get a dream address out before the 3ds's online goes down...) in any case, i 'aquired' a few DS games that i've been wanting to play.

ace attorney! i just have the original ace attorney trilogy downloaded for the time being. i'll probably end up getting some more games once i've finished with these; i have a few in mind, like the rest of the DS ace attorney games, a couple pokemon games, and animal crossing wild world. i want to finish justice for all and trials and tribulations first, though, otherwise i'll never get any of them done. right now i'm just starting turnabout big top... my partner has informed me that turnabout big top is widely considered the worst case in all of ace attorney. i believe her. every single character this case has introduced gives me a headache to talk to... but i've gotta press forward, because next is farewell my turnabout, which they say is very, very good.

you should hack your 3ds if you haven't already. you should! it's worth it.