I'm Twenty


so two days ago, on the fourteenth, i turned twenty!! hooray!! (and yikes! scary!!!!) i had a nice small celebration with my friends and partner. we were all busy on my actual birthday (ALL of us had afternoon and evening classes) so we had a short and sweet movie party with cake and presents. it was very nice, i made everyone watch castle of cagliostro, which i think is THE greatest movie of all time..

from my friends, i recieved a seal plush, (named after the famous ponsuke-kun) and plush puppy keychain! from my parents, new headphones to replace my almost decade old exceedingly damaged ones lol. and from my partner, a new skirt and a handmade figure of one of my characters, blair. she stands comfortably on my desk now! additionally, i recieved very sweet cards from friends and family alike.

because we didn't have a lot of time on friday, we did more partying on saturday. we all went to see the mario movie (it was very fun, and i quite liked it) and then we went to hot pot. i had been wanting to try it for a while, and i thought it was tasty ^_^ i would love to try it again, it was perfect for a cold day.

hmmm. i've found this blog post kind of difficult to write, i don't really have much to say except that i had a great time and i'm very happy and excited to be twenty!! also, webheaven's first birthday is coming up kind of soon!!! so i guess i should write a blog post about that too when the time comes? in any case it was really nice to celebrate and have fun this week, and i'm looking forward to the coming weeks. i'm gonna be a part of my school's zinefest again, along with two of my close friends. i'm hoping i can save up enough to splurge on a polaroid printer, which i've wanted for a while! many other good things have happened too, but i want to dedicate full blog posts to those once the time arrives. what more is there to say, really ... things have been good . happy birthday to me!!