Money and Musings


i want to write on this blog here more... i said in a previous entry that i really only want to write blogs that have particular substance or importance. well, i don't REALLY see any reason to hold myself to that, especially during the summer. because nothing all that noteworthy happens in the summer. it's just when i work to save up for school, which is where the noteworthy and interesting stuff does happen. but i mean what's the point of making that whole blog page and doing it up all pretty if i'm never gonna use it??? i might as well say something on here. journaling is fun and good for you anyways, right? that's what everyone says.

i finally found a job after having so much trouble finding one!! admittedly i was struggling because of the restrictions i had to put down this time. i had to be able to bike there because we only have one car, and a lot of people who need to be in a lot of places, and i couldn't do food service this time because of my skin condition. those two things really restrict what i can and can't do and i kind of worried i wouldn't find a job at all. i opened some commissions a while ago, and was able to make a good amount of money that way, and then i got a call back from one of the places i applied! maybe it was the good hearts of the commissioners who made it come true lol ^_^ i got hired at the interview which was really great, and i just got done with my first day of training. this place pays more than my last job, which is really awesome. the 6 hours of computer training kind of made my head spin... but i find that im a lot better at learning on my feet when it comes to stuff like this. so i'll figure it out. i'm pretty confident i can do it!!

in other news june is a big month for my collections!!! i probably won't do a write up for every single one like with my jessie and james figures, but there IS one very special package i'm expecting, and i want to write about that one for sure. i have a couple fun packages coming, some of them are old pre-ordered or long term stuff, and it all just so happens that they lined up to come in june! so i have a lot to look forward to. >:) speaking of stuff to look forward to, i can't wait to go back to school. i really miss my friends and my college's environment, even though it can be really stressful. i love my family, and i'm really happy to see my parents and siblings again, but i also really miss living on my own... well, kind of. i had three roommates last year, and i'll have three roommates this year too, so i don't know how alone you can say that is! i'm really excited to live with my friends, though. we all requested each other, because we can all get along. speaking of getting along, is it ethical to talk about crazy roommate stories online like this...? because i don't think i'll have any for my friends. no one's gonna come out into my living room and say with their whole chest that hellen keller is "fake" and "looks like a lesbian." well, moving on... i also really miss the food from my favorite restaurant... it's a local joint so they don't have it anywhere else!! they serve the best stuff i've ever eaten in my entire life... i miss it SOOO much and i think about it a lot. it makes me so hungry just to remember...