wowww it's been a really long time since i've made a substantial update to my site. (i feel like i say that a lot?) it's been REALLY REALLY busy, not only did ijust get done with finals, but i've been moving out of my school's dorms and into my first apartment. hooray!! it's a really big achievement but it's also eaten up most of my free time. hopefully summer will bring me more time to work on the things i like. once my apartment is fully unpacked and decorated i would love to take some pictures and show off a little bit :p things have been kind of hard n stressful lately and it is very frustrating. but life goes on; so i'm trying not to dwell on things that make me sad, especially when theres so many good things in my life lately too. lately i've been really into SKUNKS. the animal. i think they're verrrrry cute and unfortunately misunderstood and overlooked. i think it is very easy to not realize how cool they are because they're often considered vermin or unwanted creatures. sad!! did you know that skunks are immune to snake poison? i had no idea until recently.

my partner's birthday is coming up in a few days, but since they won't be in town for it, my roommate and i made them a cake. she baked it and i decorated it. i'm not a professional but i am very very proud of how it came out! it's a coffee-flavored cake with coffee-flavored icing, specifically requested by them. ^_^ we had a small little early birthday celebration before they left town. here is the cake!!

i also got to meet hozier recently. the musician!! he was in our state recently and had a meet and greet, so my roommate and i went to it. it was a lot of fun and he was very nice; he said he liked my hat and i CANNOT stop thinking about it. he also was very sweet and recorded a video for our friends who were out of town at the time. i got a signed poster and a pre-order for his new album and as soon as i find my roll of poster tape (wherever that is) it's going right up on my wall.

i managed to get a part-time job with my school; it will last all through my junior year. however, the job doesn't start until the semester does, so to make money i'm going to try and do commissions all summer. i'm stil taking a bit of a breather, it's been nonstop school and moving lately, and i don't want to burn myself out. i want to be able to make good quality commissions!! i'm hoping that will all go well. Ahhhhhh

i don't think there's much else to talk about!! im just trucking along. until next time!!