i'm just full of excuses for why i'm not good at updating my site. LOL

this time the excuse is finals and illness! i think by wishing for more coding time in my last blog, i jinxed myself and everyone around me. finals were set to be pretty brutal this semester, so my friends all decided to have a bit of holiday and birthday party fun before it really got rough. there was much hanging out, and mingling, and mistletoe kissing... :p evidently this was our first mistake as my partner tested positive for covid two days after. (imagine a vine boom here) they were quarantined in covid jail (the spare dorm) by the school, and the rest of us were encouraged to isolate as well. a good call, because my friend and i turned up quite sick shortly after that. @_@ i was pretty convinced i had covid because i had definitely caught something from my partner, but then my test turned up negative...? all very strange. the running theory is that my partner was super unlucky and had both covid AND the nasty cold that had been going around campus, and i had been super lucky and only caught the cold.

well, maybe not super lucky, because it ended up landing me in the urgent care LOOOOL. my symptoms didn't get better for over a week (which is very strange for me, who's never sick for more than a day or two) and if anything they were getting worse. my mom was worried it was strep throat, and my father thought it was mono. -_- anywho my friend helped set up an appointment and take me there; he's the best for that. anyways, unnerving as it was, it all ended up okay. the doctor prescribed me antibiotics and told me that my cold had just given me a particularly nasty sinus infection. i stayed pretty sick for a few days after that, but the antibiotics definitely helped. now i'm totally okay, aside from a little bit of a cough. anyways, while ALL THAT was going on, i was working tirelessly on finals. most stressful two weeks of my entire life...

but it all ended up okay! my partner got to come back after they were better, and we were able to do a gift exchange with our friends!! we also managed to get a museum date in before we both headed home for the holidays. it was very cool!! we got to see the works of sandro botticelli in a special exhibit; he's the guy who did the very famous "birth of venus" painting. the amount of vibrant pink in that exhibit was really interesting. then we finished she-ra (it was pretty good) and i headed home for the holidays :') i miss my partner and friends very much, but it's good to see my extended family again. i got a lot of useful things for christmas this year! now i'm just kind of coasting through 'til new years. i'm very excited; that's always one of my favorite holidays. i have a few new years' resolutions, though they feel a bit personal to get into on a public site.

happy holidays!