oooh a complainy blog post... how original!!! WELL this is my webbed site, my realm, authors note dont like dont read. or something. i should really write these guys more often. how long has it been? a lot of time. let's B B B BREAK it down.

ever since the last time i updated this blog in. eyes pop out of skull. AUGUST i went back to college. i'm a comics student, so my workload is mmmmm. large. i've spent most of my time making comics and illustrations for class, so i haven't had much time or energy to update thi website. it makes me sad! i love this website and programming it is a passion project and very comforting activity for me. (now that i mention it, maybe forcing myself to do it more will help me manage my stress. huh.) but oh well. what can you do? gotta get that degree. ironically, i think the workload will get easier as we start getting into the longer term projects. instead of having assignments due every week, i'll just have a couple assignments and more time to work on them. mathematics or whatever? at least i have one of my favorite professors again

but of course, compounding that is some other fun stuff. i don't really feel like spilling all of my personal details, but relationships with people are often difficult, no matter who you are. it's just been especially stressful lately. then there's just general crummy life stuff, like a very important lost package, and not having the time or energy to do the art that i enjoy doing. i'm going to be tabling at my first art event in a few weeks, which is very exciting, but i'm stressed out about printing stuff, breaking even, (lol breaking bad lol. waltuh) and the fact that my acrylic charms might not be here in time for the event. (it was absolutely my fault. which makes it more frustrating!)

but whatever's been going on lately, i'm trying to look at the bright side. i can't make it through hard days if i don't have hope. i started seeing a counselor, something i was very scared to do for a very long time. i hope it will help me manage my stress and confidence. ^_^ i went to an apple orchard with one of my very best friends, and i've been spending more time with people i really care about. the event will be good, even if it's a little stressful. and i found one of my collecting grails on mercari japan for very cheap! she's one of the kuji eevees, the "last one" prize for the "eevee and melodies" lottery. her name is ramona! i know things are stressful now, and i stl need to get through a lot of work this week, but if i can make it through... i'll have a fun fun halloween!!! (i'm going as sexy walter white. lol)

wishing good days to everyone reading, including me, i think we can all use it. ^_^