transition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. "students in transition from one program to another"

and that basically sums up my summer and what i've been away doing. and why i've barely updated my site and gone silent on my blog... sorry -_- might as well write one now though, right? this entry isn't really about anything in particular. mostly it's a status update about a lot of small things. i already talked about the fact that i got a summer job at a gas station; it's been a mixed bag like all jobs. (though i do like it better than my last job... retail > food service, even if just a little bit.)

the bad: i feel like if i'm gonna complain, i should just get it out of the way so i can end it on a positive note, you know?? probably the worst thing i've experienced at my job is sexual harassment. it's not frequent (thank god) but any amount is too much. anyone who engages in that kind of behavior ought to be ashamed, and more importantly anyone on the recieving end should know it's NOT their fault and they're not alone. then there's the customers that yell at you and berate you... that's just a given with any job. you learn to expect it but it SUCKS!!! i've learned to cope by being a huge egomaniac in my head. people who bully others are foolish and beneath me!

the good: i get paid more!! it's not rly a job specific thing, my state just increased minimum wage. either way i'm getting more money, which is good for meeee. i also get more down time at this job, particularly when it's night. sometimes no one comes in and i can just chill out. a surprising perk is also that i have regular customers who come in every day to get drinks or gas. there's about ten people who i can recognize; they are all VERY lovely people. some of my regulars even bring me food when they have barbecues or parties :) my regulars i think are the best part of the job. i will miss them! also i get free soda and slushies. this perk is at odds with my weak stomach.

overall... it's a job. i believe in the value of hard work, and there were lots of good things i experienced, but cashier work just isn't fulfilling. school and art work can be stressful but i enjoy it a lot more and take much more pride in it.

as of writing this blog post, i only have 5 scheduled work days (and maybe even less) before i pack up and get outta dodge!!! this could be the best job in the world and i'd still wanna ditch it for school. i miss my friends and i miss my freezing cold city! it's become like a home to me up there. i mentioned in my last blog post that i'm gonna room with three of my friends, and i'm really excited about that. i really think it will be nice. two of them used to live in my building and i would often retreat into their house when i couldn't handle my own dorm ^_^; the four of us have had sleepovers before, so we have sort of a taste of what it will be like. overall... i think it will be very harmonious! we're all easygoing people and have been upfront about our shortcomings as roommates. communication is always good, and even better is when everyone's willing to compromise to help each other. i'm really optimistic.

anyways, summer hasn't been all work! EVEN THOUGH IT FEELS LIKE IT SOMETIMES ummmm. just a few days ago i got back from a short family vacation to DC. we went and saw a whole bunch of museums, including the natural history museum, which we missed last year. to be honest the rest of the tourist stuff we did pales in comparision to that museum, it was so so awesome. the national archives were cool, but they did NOT have dinosaur bones and a butterfly garden. you can't compare... cant measure up... never. on one of the last days of vacation i got to see one of my online friends!! we found a place to hang out and had a lot of fun. we got boba, drew together, and gave each other awesome cringe powerpoint presentations. i also found a meowth plush that i bought as a souveneir, (his name is peapod) and a glowing garfield lamp LOL. it was so nice to see them and i hope we can do it again in the future.

what else... i watched the entirety of breaking bad.

10/10, one of the best shows ever, everyone but me is wrong about the meth show, i am going to watch better call saul next

i also bought stardew valley and i've been playing it a lot. it's very good and very cute! it's very relaxing, but i have to remind myself not to stress myself out by trying to do every single thing at once. i'm on year two and i married penny. she is so cute!!

aaaand i guess finally, me and my dad fixed up my computer after i put it off for foreeeever. i have two, technically. my first one got its hinge busted, but it's not a commonly used computer, so it was easier to buy another one for parts. we cannibalized my old one for its battery, better RAM, and better hard drive, and put it all in the new one. it was kind of an ordeal, though, because whoever pre-owned the laptop we gutted GLUED DOWN THE HARD DRIVE. i find it highly offensive... it was alright, though. we managed to get it out with minimal damage. now i have a nice, functional, smooth running computer. after we fixed it up, i ended up FINALLY switching all my junk to firefox. i'm lazy and a procrastinator, i admit it... in any case i hope that this computer lasts. it's a really good one; a fujitsu lifebook if you're curious. it's a sturdy little laptop with built in wacom software. it's really great for making my art!

this was such a long entry... i guess that's what happens when you get busy with work and neglect your blog for... two full months. THAT'S LIFE IN OUR CAPITALIST SOCIETY I SUPPOSE. goodbye!! i hope to be on here more often, as i really enjoy writing these posts and making this website... thanks for reading :)