Life Updates


how long has it been since i've updated my site? FOUR WEEKS?? say that isn't true... it was only three days the last time i checked, and then life ran away with me. well, that's life, right? i can't be on top of everything all the time, especially when college work is killing me dead LOL. i have some big updates planned for the site, and in particular, an overhaul of the main page to make it a little more functional. mainly, i want to expand the navigation so it's a little easier to find specific kinds of pages. i'll probably do away with the cute bubble text buttons T_T but sometimes you've got to kill your darlings. ultimately i've got to prioritize function a little more so i don't go crazy about the poor organization of some of my pages...! very excited to find the time to finish that, but for the time being, i've really only got time for simple things like blog updates. anyways, speaking of blog updates... one good thing that's come of my month-long absence is that my life has been a bit crazy and i have a lot to talk about! big meaty blog post below.

halloween has come and gone! i had a lot of fun. i didn't go trick or treating this year, which is a bit out of the ordinary for me, but i still had fun. i went to a couple of halloween college parties my friends hosted, and they were a lot of fun! mainly because they were my friends' parties haha. to be honest i'm not really into partying at all; i just really enjoy spending time with my friends! i did a lot of that. it was very fun. my costume this year was (unfortunately for everyone else) sexy walter white. i'm not showing photos because i'm lazy but just imagine walter in short shorts and fishnets. it was REALLY FUNNY and deeply frightening. anyways now halloween is over and christmas season is in full swing!!! (yes i'm one of THOSE people, sorry you had to find out this way) i've already gotten all of my christmas shopping done. had to beat the rush so my presents don't arrive late. (or, actually, i was just really excited to get my best friends presents.)

okay; less fun. been dealing with a long-term medical issue. it's not serious or life threatening, but it kinda sucks. BOOOO TOMATO TOMATO.. i would rather not go into detail about what's going on with this meat homonculus i call my physical form, but it's cringe and stupid and lately, painful. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO anyways. i have a doctor's appointment made, i'm gonna get some blood work done, but they couldn't get me in until january of next year :'/ for now i'm just doing my best to stay healthy. i've been eating more vegetables and taking a lot of pain killers woohoooo. such is life. at least the new pokemon games are out!! i got pokemon scarlet and i've been having a lot of fun with it. a couple of my friends got the new games too, so we've been enjoying it together. i chose sprigatito and i've been trying to have a team of mostly new paldea pokemon. (plus eevee, of course) it's totally different but it's a lot of fun.

i've also recently been getting into journaling/scrapbooking. sort of? i got a new sketchbook with one of my friends a while ago. i've been doing a lot of diary comics, inspired by said friend, as well as gluing stuff like pictures and reciepts into it to keep track of my day or the fun places i've been. it's a lot of fun! UNFORTUNATELY i LOST it somewhere at school and it has not turned up for a full week. i have a document open that i'm gonna print out... a ten dollar reward for anyone who can find my favorite sketchbook. sigh! surely it'll turn up. it's not valuable to anyone besides myself. surely it hasn't been stolen. oh well.

what else? mostly just minor things. i mentioned a lost package earlier; that finally got here. it's a controller for my nintendo 64, so now i can play with other people! it's super cool; it's orange and translucent, so you can see the controller's insides. why did we ever stop doing that with electronics? it's super cool. i'm hoping to find some more games for it; i still only have pokemon puzzle league lol. (it's great fun though!) i'm selling my art at another event. this one's school-sponsored; it's quite cool, too. the whole school turns into a big art store for a few days. the walls are absolutely COVERED in all kinds of art pieces from students. i just put up some acrylics charms and risograph zines. i hope they sell well; i don't really get to know until after the event. anyways - it's finally snowing here. it's delightful, it's giving me holiday cheer, and ALSO it's giving me horrible eczema LOL. doing my best to stay greased up (a greasy baby is a healthy baby)

best for last ^_^ here's my favorite life update - i'm dating someone now! the coolest, cleverest, kindest someone you can imagine, if i may boast. (if you read my blogs you may remember a "very best friend" who went to the apple orchard with me :9) as of writing this blog entry it's been a few weeks. still a very new and unfamiliar thing! but i'm very excited.

i'm very much a hopeless romantic, honestly... so i'm over the moon lol, especially seeing as i have liked them for a while now. our first date was a lot of fun, we went on a roller skating triple date with four of our friends! i didn't know how to skate, but i did learn while i was there! i'm not good at it but i'm better than i was!! i don't have to hug the wall constantly. improvement! improvement! we're planning a second date at a local art museum. when will that be? well... whenever we can find some respite from FINALS GROOAAWR!!!! it feels like a lot has changed, but at the same time, very little has changed too. they're still my very close friend in addition to my cool awesome partner! i'm very happy and i look forward to what the future brings ^_^

that was a lot. i think that's all, really! i'm still very very busy, but thanksgiving break's coming up, and winter break after that. i'm crossing my fingers for more coding time!