WebHeaven Birthday


if you go to webheaven's site profile on neocities, you'll see that the creation date is listed as september 14, 2019. this is technically correct... but not really LOL? i made the account in 2019 under a different name, got spooked by HTML, tried using a free theme by someone else, and promptly gave up. it is a little embarassing to admit. i came around, though YAAAY YAY YAYYY webheaven in its current form was born april 27, 2022, even if my account's existed for much longer. all that disclaimer aside... today marks a FULL YEAR since i started working on webheaven!!! super crazy to me that ive managed to stick with it this long, and i plan to stick with it for the forseeable future. working on this website has been so fun and taught me a lot about this sort of thing. it's been awesome, having a place to express myself more freely than pretty much anywhere else on the web. hey check out this sick baby photo of webheaven, only a few hours after i made it :)

you can go to the index right now to see how it's changed. i miss the clunky block letter navigation, but ultimately a wider navigation with more options served me better. i went back and rewrote that big intro paragraph + added a nicer font and some more gadgets on the page. the rocket image on the front page is looking PRETTY BARE here and it makes me laugh. the image has actually changed twice as of writing this; it went from the placeholder image here, to a finished version of the same image, and then an improved version i made earlier this year. some of the things are just the same, though; the big webheaven logo has been there since day one, and i still really like all the blinkies in the sidebar. i don't think i'm getting rid of the night sky background any time soon, i just think it's fun.

i wonder how different it will be next year?