What's Up


there's been about a million things that have happened that i've wanted to blog about, but to be perfectly honest my life has been so busy i just haven't had the time. i say that every time i post a new blog, but every single time it happens, i am serious. especially this time, though - junior year at my college is notoriously busy and difficult, so it's been eating up all my spare time :-p you understand. webheaven lightning round of exciting things!!!

my partner and i had our one year anniversary on the 29th of october! i wanted to make a blog post about this on the actual day it happened, but as you may expect, i was too busy enjoying the day with my partner. and then i got busy (again) haha. we've had some struggles with health issues these past couple of months, so we stayed in and just hung out together - it was a great time, i love them very much and i'm very very lucky to have them in my life!!! the past year with them has been wonderful, and beyong our anniversary, it has continued to be just wonderful. i really am lucky to call them my partner. :'-)

i went back to therapy. life called for it - i'm glad i have these resources. there was some trouble with therapists leaving and new ones coming in and scheduling all of that ... but i'm with a counselor who's a great fit. she has been helping me a lot with some serious stuff, and im very grateful :-) it's thru a program subsidized by my school, so it doesn't come at any cost for me. i mean. besides tuition, but i guess it just means there's no *extra* cost (which is nice.) UNFORTUNATELY as of writing, our sessions are stopping for a bit over winter break. she lent me a 3d printed dragon to keep me company, though - very kind!

i've also been getting really really into dungeons and dragons lately. it's made me the most annoying person alive, and i'm at peace with that ... it's super fun, i'm juggling two campaigns and having a great time! i have two sets of dice, both very beautiful, one i bought for myself, and one that came as a gift from my dear friend kenny. (thank you, kenny!!!)

that's all. peace out