yesterday i tabled at my first art event, zinefest. hooray!!! it was a small comic art fair that a club at our school put on. it was a small event, but it was still a ton of fun, and a really good step for me into selling my art. it was pretty stressful to try and get everything together in time, for sure, but i think it was worth all of it. i had a wonderful time! all in all i had 42 customers and many more who stopped to chat and check out my work. i sold entirely out of my zines and got very close to running out of my catwrld.online prints and big eevee stickers. i'm really happy and grateful to everyone who gave me a visit!

there's me, sipping a hot drink and holding onto that bunny hat to keep me warm in the freezing midwest october weather :p

i really look forward to doing something like this again, now that i have my bearings. this also really makes me want to open an etsy or bigcartel... in any case, the other artists at the event were awesome too! i got a lot of prints, stickers, and zines, each one amazing and unique. tabling was only half the fun. going around and seeing everyone's creativity and unique ideas was the other half! ^_^

well, just a short blog post for today. now that zinefest is over i have to grapple with the reality of being a college student again LOL. i have an assignment due in less than an hour as i write this... @_@