Zinefest Two


last month, i got accepted into our school's zinefest again :) i was a little worried that i wouldn't get in, since i would be getting in twice in a row (and they like to not do that to be fair to other applicants) but i did!! this year it was indoors, rather than outdoors, since the weather is still quite bad here. IT'S ALMOST MAY AND IT SNOWED TODAY. anyways, the fact that it was indoors rather than outdoors had me a little bit worried, since you can't get into the building without a student or staff ID. however ... it looked like the building was open to guests, specifically high schoolers touring the school ^_^ so it was very busy, and the event even got extended another hour YAAAYYYY

(theres me in really really high definition) i went a little harder on stuff to sell this year. i made another zine, printed more, and got some nice vinyl sticker sheets and acrylic charms. it was more difficult and cost more, but as a result i totally blew last year out of the water as far as sales and meeting people went. i had around 42 customers and countless more people who stopped by to chat or trade. it was so nice to talk to so many people!!!! i almost completely sold out of my team rocket charms (i only have one left!!!) and people really liked my stickers ^_^ prints were not so popular this year, but they don't go bad so i will just end up selling them at another event... or online. having done two of these events, i think it would be really fun and worthwhile to open up an online store. it's something i'll think about in the future. AFTER finals ,,,

oh, today is not webheaven's birthday i am a LIAR. i thought i started working on it today, but that's actually next week. oops