welcome to my collections page! this is where i catalogue all of the things i love to collect. you can use the navigation bar up top to view different collections. they are mostly separate, but some categories overlap a bit.

i do love to collect, but it seems a little undeserved to say i am a collector, per se. i feel like the title connotates a level of dedication and quality that i don't really have. for me, i just enjoy accumulating things that make me happy and logging them. there is nothing particularly rare or prestigious in here, and i am sorry if that's what you were looking for! these things are valuable to me simply because they make me happy. ^__^

nothing in my collection is for sale or trade, so please do not make any offers! where i obtained each item will be listed to the best of my ability, though.

if you would like a more streamlined list of my collected items, you can find me on myfigurecollection here.