meowth! my unexpected favorite. i love this mischevious little cat, and i love how cute it is!!! this collection sort of started on accident, but i love it, so i'm gonna keep the ball rolling :) my very favorite plushies to collect are the old ones from the late 90s and early 2000s. every old meowth plush is so weird and strange and ugly and it's DELIGHTFUL. that being said, i do also love the modern meowth plushies, they're very cute! my collection specifically focuses on kanto form meowth, because it's my favorite of the three meowves.

Meowth Plush

Young Sheldon
Mandai Pokemon Friends Meowth
Secondhand Purchase

young sheldon is a meowth i got in a secondhand purchase, along with jelly bean the jolteon.

young sheldon... he is the smallest meowth in the house, but he's the big boss. aside from scrump and babygirl, who always do what they want, he's in charge of all the other meowths. it's unclear how he has so much power packed into such a small package. maybe it's the power of his vacant stare.

Bandai Warm and Healing Meowth
eBay Purchase

bongwater (LMAO) is a plush i got a while ago, though my memory is strangely fuzzy as to when and why... well, whatever the case, he is quite cute and lives with peapod on the meowth couch.

bongwater is a very chilled out dude. he likes to sit, and nap, and cuddle. he's a bit of a lazybones and would rather sit around than work or play. he likes it that way, though.

Duoduobao Meowth
In-Person Purchase

peapod is a duoduobao meowth, which, if i'm not mistaken, is the one pokemon merch brand in china. they're not supposed to be sold outside of china, but i found him at a small mall store. peapod is my contraband baby!!!

peapod is a silly and mischevious little guy. he loves to get into trouble, crawling into places he shouldn't be. however, he is also extremely sweet, and he loves to cuddle and be held. just don't let your guard down... or he'll get into more trouble!!!

Scrump and Babygirl
1998/1999 Hasbro Basic Meowths
eBay Purchases

when i saw scrump (short face) up for auction on ebay i became enamored with this strange and diseased looking old toy. so of course i bid, but within a day or two i was massively outbid. it was very sad, but i went and bought a backup listing, babygirl. (long face) babygirl was shipped... and then the top bidder for scrump backed out... and i won. i never intended to have two, but am i complaining? definitely not!!!!

scrump and babygirl are a pair of dubious little creatures. they are twins. they do not speak. they also don't blink. who are they? what are they? are they from this earth? no one really knows...