plushies are by far my biggest collection and the one i am most dedicated to! i've been gathering stuffed toys since i was little, although many have gone on to my little siblings instead. in recent years, i've gotten more serious about collecting plushies, and specifically pokemon plushies. i have many many plushies, though i've opted to only list the pokemon ones right now. they are roughly ordered by age, with the newest ones being at the top of their category. i have so many plush that there are (as you've probably seen) multiple pages for them... this page is for all of the plush that do not fit into a larger pokemon category.

all my plush are individuals! to me they have hearts. each one has a name and personality. i dont think hard or come up with these, it feels like when i get each one i instinctively know their character. childish? maybe, but they bring me a lot of joy.

Pokemon Plush

Bootleg Alolan Vulpix

this was another gift from my friend naoto! he had it for a while before passing it onto me. they're very cute and makes for a great friend for silverwind.

snowball is silverwind's litle sibling. they're quite the opposite of silverwind, being very curious, friendly, and a litle bit shy. they can be quite clumsy and prone to accidents, so silverwind carefully watches over them.

WCT Sleeping Pikachu
Birthday Present

a 19th birthday present from my wonderful friend naoto! he's one of my biggest pokeplush and definitely my biggest pikachu. (he's named after rocketchu, but isn't actually her.)

rocketchu has BIG PLANS for the world. terrible and evil and calamitous plans! he's always plotting... well, it's a good thing that he's too lazy to actually carry them out. he just likes to lay around and nap, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. he loves dreaming about evil, but he's never actually done a bad thing in his life.

Jazwares 8in Bulbasaur
Christmas Gift

this bulbasaur was a gift from my little brother. it was the last one in the store, i remarked on how cute it was, and he quietly bought it before we left.

cabbage loves to play! he's extremely tough and loves to play fight and battle. he can be very stubborn about things, but he never lets it get in the way of a good friendship. he loves to eat delicious snacks!

Pokemon Center 7in Popplio

a gift from my granny! we found popi at a sort of excess stock store? like a secondhand store for merchandise that OTHER stores weren't selling. (unsure of the proper term.) there were a lot of popplio there; it was surprising. she bought her for me as a fun gift!

popi is sweet and playful, and loves singing and dancing more than anything in the world. she wants to evolve into a primarina someday when she's older, and she wants to be a famous superstar.

Ryan Reynolds
WCT 16 inch Detective Pikachu
Christmas Gift

a christmas gift from my brother. (but i can't remember which brother!?) he is incredibly soft, almost shockingly so!!

ryan reynolds is his name. he is a grown adult human man stuck inside of a pikachu. possibly cursed. somebody get him out of there! he likes deadpool

San-Ei All Stars Flaaffy
Birthday Gift

my parents got me this plush for my 16th birthday. i was very happy to recieve him and even happier to still have him today. i was really into professor layton when i got him, and that's where the name is from.

herschel is very quiet and studious. he keeps to himself, but he's not unfriendly. he just enjoys the quiet. he loves to read a good book and often stays up too late...

Pokemon Center 10in Alolan Ninetales
In-Person Event Purchase

went to a local japanese cultural festival for one of my classes. this was a souveneir i bought for myself from the event! she can (kind of) stand up on her own, which is surprising to me. the level of detail is not surprising for a pokemon center plush, but really cool nonetheless.

silverwind is calm and quiet, and very mysterious... not much is known about her, except that she is the guardian of her sibling snowball.