Shinx Line
shinx!! luxio! luxray!! one of my favorite pokemon from my favorite region, and truly one of the most perfect lines in pokemon. i love them so much!! the shinx line doesn't have quite as many plush as pokemon like eevee, or even meowth, but there are still so many cute ones. this collection is sorted from newest to oldest.

Shinx Plush

My Luxray's Story Luxio
Pokemon Center Purchase

i really enjoyed kimba, so i decided i would like to get all three of the my luxray's story plushies. blair is the second! she's named after my own pokemon character, blair, and in my head is essentially her as a pokemon.

blair would like to think she's dastardly and evil, but she's not really! don't let her grumpy face fool you, because she's actually quite silly and fun to be around, even though she'll never admit it. she claims to have a heart of ice and care for no one, but obviously loves her friends and helps take care of the younger pokemon. loves jessie pokemon...

My Luxray's Story Shinx
Pokemon Center Purchase

i got kimba over the summer as a bribe for myself to work hard at my job ^_^; i sent him to my friend aj, who was very kind to keep him for me until i moved back up to the city. hes so incredibly soft and his big head is very silly.

kimba is the youngest of the shinx pride. he's a curious and bright-eyed little kid who loves to explore and play. he can be a little bit sassy, even to the adults!

Sitting Cuties Luxio
Pokemon Center Purchase

buying one more plush with wobbuffet would get me free shipping. i was going to buy this one in the future anyways, so i decided to just get them as a bundle.

mickey is blair's (oc) luxio. he is a serious and tough character. he's easily annoyed and doesn't trust others easily, and is VERY prone to biting. he's led a difficult life... but he isn't bad or evil; he just needs patience. mickey is loyal to those he cares about and will protect them with everything he has. he has a sort of big brother streak, and carefully watches over little pokemon.