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webheaven is my persona site and my pet project. i maintain this as a personal hobby. it's fun, and it's a creative outlet, and it's a way to share my ideas, feelings, art, and random toughts in a very low-pressure environment. it's not a professional site, though i do host my portfolio on here. on webheaven, you can find an assorted collection of things; my blog, my drawings, my interests, and so on... anything i'm in the mood to add will get added. i don't follow any particular set of rules when working on this site; i just like to build it up into something fun and varied. if you want to know more about the person behind the site, you can read all about it here.


what's the deal with the modern web? i am a child of the early 2000s, so perhaps i don't have much room to talk; social media was already hitting its stride by the time i was posting warrior cats drawings to deviantart dot com. even so, i feel like in recent years, the internet has gone from an exciting frontier of communication and expression to almost a burden. social media has ceased to be 'social' media; now it seems like all it exists to do is harvest your data and keep you scrolling as long as humanly possible. it's overly sanitized, yet full of drama and hatred simultaneously. it's harder than ever for artists to get their work out there as the "enshittification" of the internet, so to speak, marches on. pardon my dramatics, it's just so exhausting and disheartening, even more so when it's an almost unavoidable part of life. look; if you really and truly have zero social media presence, i think you are stronger than god. social media is ingrained in our social lives, and even in our professional lives. i myself keep up an instagram account for personal and professional reasons.

so social media sucks, and yet, it's an unavoidable part of our lives. it's a great situation. what can anyone do about it?

i know realistically the answer is "not that much." while i would personally love to singlehandedly and perfectly fix twitter, instagram, tumblr, and the like, i mean... i can't do that. obviously. or i totally would have done it already! what i can do, though, is cultivate my own space at my own pace. i can spend my time working on something productive and interesting instead of doomscrolling, and i can express myself freely, in a way no longer prioritized by most modern websites. if you want something done well, you've got to do it yourself, right? or so the saying goes! i don't have anything profound to say, really. this manifesto is largely coming from the same place and to the same conclusions as many other webmasters! internet sucks, carve out your own space, make that space good, and so on and so forth.

i don't think that advice goes for just personal sites, either. making this site is kind of a reminder to myself to slow down and enjoy life. my time doesn't need to be sucked up by the things that don't matter; i've got too little time for that. and so do you! if you've gotten this far, i'm gonna offer you some advice. it doesn't have to be making your own website, it can be anything. find time in your day for the small delights of life; find time for your hobbies, and find time to maybe make something cool, or tasty. i can feel the sleep overtaking me as i type this but you get it, surely.

last updated 4/2/2024