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Pokemon Stuff

[Settei Dreams - Pocket Monsters] - Model sheets from the original Pokemon anime
[Pokencyclopedia] - Pokemon sprites
[Pocket Monsters Repository] - Archive for Japanese Pokemon content
[PMR - It's a White Tomorrow, Team Rocket!] - Audio and translations for It's a White Tomorrow, Team Rocket!


[Nintendo 64 Index] - Old official webpages for Nintendo 64 games
[Team Rocket's World] - Old Team Rocket fansite, not fully archived but fun
[Team Rocket's Webpage] - Team Rocket fansite from the 90s
[Team Rocket's Bright Day] - Another old Team Rocket fansite
[Yerf Historical Archive] - An archive for late 90s to early 2000s furry art!
[9year old core playlist] - A personal playlist of videos that itched my brain as a kid

Helpful Resources

[Catbox] - File hosting site
[] - Bypass paywalls for articles (You can also use the Internet Archive for this)
[3DS Hacks Guide] - An incredibly detailed and helpful tutorial for hacking your 3DS
[Neocities] - A free website hosting service. (This is where we are hosted, obvi :p)
[] - A free website hosting service.
[Glaze] - A tool for protecting your art from AI scraping.
- Video to MP3 converter.

Fun Resources

[Re:Hoeass] - Animal Crossing graphics
[Oldavista] - Old(er) web search engine
[Hi-res Pokemon Art] - High-resolution Pokemon art
[GifCities] - Search for old GIFs
[Myrient] - A fantastic video game preservation site with tons of ROMs available for download

Other Fun Things

[Cat Mario] - you look at him and tell me there's a god
[Warriors Cats: Untold Tales] - Old Warriors fan game; super cute and fun
[Lupin III Collection] - Drive with tons of Lupin III content
[ACNL Save Editor] - An in-browser save editor for Animal Crossing New Leaf.
[Pathologic Dialogue Trees] - All of the dialogue trees from both Pathologic games.