welcome to my animal crossing shrine!

this shrine is for animal crossing, (どうぶつの森) a cute, relaxing, and quirky life-sim video game series by nintendo. in the subpages, you'll find my words (and sometimes even my town logs and diaries!) about each of the mainline games, as well as lots of fun graphics. on the landing page, you'll find much of the same content.

the animal crossing series has been very special to me ever since i was a little kid. my first game was animal crossing: wild world, and i've had the chance to play every game since, even the spinoffs. i love the relaxation and creativity that the games have always offered, and i think that each game has something special that it brings to the series. each one offers a wholly new experience. in addition to the games in general, i particularly enjoy learning about things like unused content, regional differences, glitches and errors, and hacks in regards to the animal crossing games.

i hope you enjoy your stay!