Welcome to the world of Pokemon!

pocket monsters, better known as pokemon, needs no introduction. what started out as a simple game dreamed up by satoshi tajiri has become a worldwide sensation and massive multimedia franchise. ever since its explosion in the 90s, pokemon has remained a staple of pop culture all over the world. to me, it has been a lifelong and favorite interest! ever since i was a kid, i've been a big pokemon fan. i'm an avid player of the games, watcher of the tv show, collector of merch, certified ken sugimori enjoyer, and hoarder of fun facts from the pokedex. for all my life, pokemon has been a big comfort to me. it fills me with so much joy. it may have been repeated time and time again, but the pokemon formula has a nostalgic comfort for me. i always look forward to picking my starter and going on my journey to be the very best. this shrine is a way for me to manifest that love in a tangible way! on the left you'll find the navigation for the shrine. enjoy!