Eeveelution Scoreboard

eevee and the eeveelutions are very close to my heart! if you've spent even a few minutes on my site, i'm sure you've gathered that. but of all the many pokemon eevee can become, which ones are the best?

this list is my own personal opinion, and it's not based on stats or strategies or anything concrete. it's okay if you disagree but this is MY webbed site lol

#8 - glaceon

glaceon in dead last!? say it isn't so... well, if it's any reassurance to glaceon fans reading this, dead last in the eeveelution department is still extremely high on my list of favorite pokemon. i love glaceon, but i'm afraid i just prefer other eeveelutions more. it has a cool design and a nice color scheme, but the hair is a little odd to me. it doesn't feel quite in line with the rest of the eeveelutions. glaceon is also unfortunately cursed with a disappointing shiny... oh well, what can you do? i still like it.

#7 - sylveon

it's probably a little surprising to see fan-favorite sylveon second to last on my list! i like sylveon, i do! i have one on my SWSH team and i love to use her in battle. i also adore shiny sylveon and have a shiny in the same game, just for fun. there's nothing even really to complain about with sylveon; it just doesn't quite itch my brain like some of my favorite eeveelutions. i think its design may just be a tiny bit on the busy side for my tastes.

#6 - leafeon

leafeon is glaceon's counterpart of sorts and my personal favorite of the duo. i just think it's cool looking, with its leafy motif and simple yet effective design. the colors are easy on the eyes without being boring. just one problem... i wish it had a better shiny!!! an autumn or cherry-blossom themed leafeon was right there! no clue why they didn't go for it.

#5 - flareon

flareon is kind of an unpopular pick as far as eeveelutions go. it's definitely the simplest of the bunch and doesn't really change all that much from eevee. i agree that it's a little simplistic, but it's a bit higher on my list because i think it works very well with vaporeon and jolteon. i admittedly like it more as part of a unit but it's still very cool to me!

#4 - espeon

espeon! i love espeon! i love it as a counterpart to umbreon and i love it on its own. it's such a cool, interesting, and pretty pokemon, and it manages to balance being both delightfully simple and unique. espeon's shiny isn't popular, but i like it; i even made the mascot of this site a shiny espeon.

#3 - jolteon

i think jolteon is super underrated. it's by far one of the coolest eeveelutions, with its sharper face and spiky body lending to a tougher looking monster. like most of my favorites, it's simple yet unique. i also can't help but be more endeared to it by one of its appearances in the tv show as a sort of sheepdog, one that herds magnemites. i just can't see how you can't love jolteon!

#2 - vaporeon and umbreon

sorry, i just can't choose one favorite. vaporeon and umbreon are both wonderful eeveelutions, but for what i think are totally different reasons. vaporeon is this fun fishy, almost mermaid-like, design. it's very fun, bright, and whimsical. on the other hand, umbreon's black fur and red eyes create a shadowy and kind of edgy (complimentary) design. the two eeveelutions are pretty stark opposites, but i love both of them! i like them each for what they are. i really can't pick just one, so they're both in second place.

#1 - eevee

this is my list, so eevee gets a spot on this list. and it gets the number one spot! as cool as eevee's evolutions all are, you can't beat the original. eevee is such a cute and perfect design. it's one of the few creature designs in media that's perfectly ambiguous; it's got aspects of cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits, and more, but it doesn't lean heavily in any direction, making it a truly new creature. it's also just very very cute. there's a reason it's become pikachu's co-mascot in recent years.