opinionated article with some adult content ahead

i hate the vaporeon copypasta sooooo bad it's not even funny. i think the first time i saw it was maybe the only time it was even a little funny, but even then, it was more out of shock value than anything. once that's gone, it's like... what's so funny about it?? it's just weird and embarassing lol. the main reason i can't stand it, though, is less about the damned thing itself, and more about how hard the internet has latched onto it.

you can't post anything with vaporeon without someone inevitably finding it and immediately quoting the copypasta. it's annoying!! it's really annoying! you can't google vaporeon without immediately finding porn, and it seems like pretty much everyone online conflates the pokemon with the unhinged exercise in creative writing. it's so overplayed and oversaturated... the only thing i feel when i see the words "did you know that in terms of water type pokemon" is pure unfiltered rage.

vaporeon is so cute and cool. i'm not here to tell people what they can and can't do or enjoy, but it sucks super hard that the copypasta is so conflated with the actual pokemon. you can't say or post anything about vaporeon with someone being strange in your comments, it feels like. keeping unsolicited sexual comments to yourself is a pretty good and easy choice, if you ask me...