My commisions are currently closed! Please do not send an inquiry!

Before looking at my prices, please take a look at my terms of service. Going against these terms may mean I will not work with you in the future.

If you are interested in a commission, please send me a DM on my Instagram or Tumblr. You can also email me at godspersonaljester AT gmail DOT com.


- This page and its listed prices are for personal use commissions.

- Payment is in USD, upfront and in full. Refunds cannot be given once the first WIP has been sent.

- Payment is currently only accepted through PayPal.

- If you want changes made, please let me know early. I cannot make major pose or composition changes past the sketch phase.

- I have the right to decline commissions I am not comfortable doing.


- If I have slots open, contact me for an inquiry!

- If accepted, please send visual references and a description of what you want.

+ I can do OCs, canon characters, real people*, humans, furries, and animals. I can do SFW ship art,
fan characters, OC x canon, and more.

+ I will not do pornographic or fetish content, hateful art, *celebrities/public figures,
or heavy machinery/mecha. If you're unsure, you are always free to ask.
(Note - Live-action characters are allowed. For example, I will draw Spider-Man, but not Tom Holland.)

- Turnaround time varies depending on the commission type, your position in the queue, and other circumstances, but I try to finish in a timely manner and be transparent. You will be sent several WIPs and given the opportunity to request any desired changes.

- When it's done, you will recieve a full-sized file via Email or Discord.